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13 Wedding Trends That Are In For 2018

13 Wedding Trends That Are In For 2018

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 03 Mar 2018

Wedding trends are forever changing and while some trends are brand new and unexpected, others are old favorites. For one, elegant high-necked Victorian dresses are become popular again for brides getting married in 2018. And while some of the wedding trends for 2017 may stay, some of them are being replaced with new trends brides can test out in 2018.  We’ve got the scoop on all of the best wedding trends you need to know before the new year hits. The top 2018 wedding trends include but are not limited to both Wedding Dress trends and reception trends. So, without further ado, read on to find out the top 2018 wedding trends that you must include when completing your wedding planning for next year.

Wedding Dress and Makeup Trends: 

1. Illusion Neckline Wedding Dress

Colin Cowie tells Insider that brides everywhere are selecting dresses with illusion necklines. While this was definitely a popular trend in 2017, it appears to be many brides’ go-to style well into 2018 too.

illusion wedding dress

2. Millennial Pink Wedding Dress

Other brides want to do away with the traditional white Wedding Dress altogether. It’s no secret that millennial pink, a light blush pink, has been trending. And some brides are deciding to include this popular color in their wedding. The color is light enough where it’s not too bold, but it’s still an unique hint of color for any Wedding Dress.

pink wedding dress

3. High Neckline Wedding Dress

Necklines will definitely have a moment next year from illusion necklines to high necklines. A high neckline Wedding Dress is the perfect option for brides that want a vintage feel on their special day.

high neckline dress

4. Black And White Wedding Dress

According to Brides, black accents for your Wedding Dress will be trending in 2018. You can always switch up the traditional white Wedding Dress by adding black accents to it. As seen here, this bride opted to have a black sash to cinch her waist. Such an accessory creates a seriously beautiful contrast for any bride’s Wedding Dress.

black and white wedding dress

5. Berry Lipstick

According to Ashlee Glazer, global artistic director of Laura Geller, berry lipsticks will be trending for brides in 2018. “A bold or soft berry lip photographs beautifully and due to the blue undertones, brightens teeth on all skin tones making it the perfect lip color for a fall or winter wedding,” Ashlee says in a press release.

bride berry lip

Wedding Ceremony Trends: 

6. Elegant Wedding Ceremony

Styles of wedding ceremonies seem to be on two different spectrums in 2018. Many brides are going to opt for elegant wedding ceremonies to accommodate a large guest list.

elegant wedding

7. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesOn the other hand, some brides will continue to opt to have smaller more intimate wedding ceremonies. Outdoor ceremonies are also the perfect location for brides that want to have a rustic wedding theme. According to Bridal Guide, rustic weddings will be one of the hottest wedding trends for 2018.

outdoor ceremony

Wedding Reception Trends: 

8. Copper Wedding Décor

Any bride can easily stray away from typical silver or gold décor and silverware. And according to WeddingWire, some brides will be choosing to include copper or even marble accents in their wedding décor next year.

copper decor

9. Wedding Guest Photo Booth

Photo booths for wedding guests have become increasingly popular over the years, and they’re certainly not going anywhere yet. They’re a fun way to make your wedding reception even more interactive for your guests. Plus, the pictures also make for a great wedding day keepsake.

Photo Booth

10. Hanging Wedding Florals

It’s no secret that wedding floral arrangements are one of the most beautiful components of any wedding. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own twist to them. Many brides are choosing hanging floral arrangements to truly decorate their reception venue from the ceiling down to the dance floor.

hanging florals

11. Naked Wedding Cake

Desserts are a must-have at any wedding, but you can stray away from the traditional wedding cake. Naked wedding cakes have their own sort of rustic feel to them, and can become a beautiful focal piece at any wedding reception.

naked wedding cake

12. DIY Drink Bar

Another great way to make your reception interactive for your guests is by having your own DIY drink bar. While you can totally also have an open stocked bar, an additional DIY drink bar is a personalized way for wedding guests to create your favorite drink. Plus, you can even make it tailored to the kids at your wedding so they feel that they have their own fun bar to visit too.

wedding bar

13. Donut Tower Wedding Cake

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes wedding cake. And if you’re a bride and groom who want to do without a cake, you can go for a fun donut tower instead. You can achieve the same wedding cake tier look by having dozens of delicious stacked donuts for your guests instead. According to WeddingWire, donuts are here to stay for wedding receptions in 2018.

donut tower wedding cake

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