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    39 Sexy Wedding Pictures Not For Your Wedding Album

    39 Sexy Wedding Pictures Not For Your Wedding Album

    Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 02 Feb 2018
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    Perfect Memories Not For Your Wedding Album

    This is the most romantic day of your life, but it’s also the most passionate day of his. There’s no such things as ‘too close’ on this special occasion. Don’t be shy to press against a wall and show just how connected the two of you are. A slight raise of the skirt and glimpse of the garter are a great way to show him what’s in store later that night.

    Source: Ann Lousi, Benfield Photography, KS Photos & South Sound Weddings

    sexy wedding pictures 1

    sexy wedding pictures 2

    sexy wedding pictures 3

    You Can Feel The Passion

    It’s not the act itself, but the expectation that’s so exciting. A staple to any sexy wedding night photo album is the lift upstairs. Airing on the side of voyeurism, a few snaps of the bride and groom in the elevator delivering them to their nuptial hotel space is sure to trigger memories of how you both felt after ‘I do”. Remember, romance goes hand-in-hand with sensuality. Make sure to capture both and keep the a photo record of when it all began.

    Source:  Tonilynn Photography, Goff Photography, Kevin Camp

    sexy wedding picture near the wall

    sexy wedding picture tempting moment

    sexy wedding picture for country wedding kevin camp

    For Groom Eyes Only

    Stealthy brides who plan ahead are sure to have put thought into honeymoon attire. Step aside for a photoshoot featuring the sexiest lingerie you’ll ever wear and the veil – just the veil. There’s just something about the juxtaposition of barely-there lace draped with a sheer virtuous veil.

    Source: Julie Michaelsen, Raw Photo, Greg Finck

    sexy wedding preparation photos 13

    sexy wedding preparation photos 14

    sexy wedding preparation photos 15

    From Start To Finish

    Your wedding isn’t just a moment, it’s an event! Getting ready for that connecting moment is definitely part of the process and a great opportunity to collect some candid sexy moments. While you and your party get ready, have your photograph keep stock. He or she is sure to capture some unexpected skin, poses, and that all-important look in your eye.

    Source: Laura Elizabeth, Jone Tsu Photography, Petr Andrienko

    sexy weding picture tempting wedding lingerie

    sexy wedding pictures wedding preparation

    sexy weding picture before dress wearing

    Tempting Photos With Veils

    We mentioned the lingerie-veil combo before, but we just can’t help ourselves. This look is the epitome of a sexy bride. Regardless of how covered or bare you are in your honeymoon garments, photos of you veil shrouding your body will leave a little to the imagination for the rest of his life.

    Source: Hannah Millerick, Lightburst Photography, Gaby Photography

    monochrome sexy wedding picture with veil

    sexy weding picture tender photo with vei

    sexy weding picture with veil

    Let’s Show Your Garters

    The garter belt is said to have magical properties in luck and love. Before all of the men at your party fight over the prize, leave a little something for the groom. Perhaps you’re a little nervous to show off so much leg in front of friends and family, but he can’t wait. Try different combinations of positions and lighting to find that perfect sexy garter shot.

    Source:la gartier via Instagram, Moshe Zusman Photo Studio, la gartier via Instagram

    incredible wedding picture tempting-leg with gorgeous garter

    sexy wedding pictures wearing the garter

    sexy wedding picture tempting leg with gorgeous garter

    Boudoir Photos

    Get artistic! There are so many ways to be erotic without being pornographic. Sexy is great, but it’s the emotion that matters most. Experiment, with all of the fabrics, textures, colors,patterns, and lighting that you will be surrounded by throughout your wedding ceremony.

    Source: Elizabeth Messina , Nadia Meli, Bleu Garters

    sexy wedding pictures boudoir-photo-with veil elizabeth messina

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    sexy wedding pictures boudoir with veil bleugarters

    Wedding Temptation

    The wedding night is an experience for all of the senses. Capture as much as you can of yourself, but make sure to include the atmosphere. Keep a log of the bed frame, the sheets, the curtains, and the wall textures. All of this will remind him exactly how the two of you felt on that special night.

    Source:Lindsay Madden Photography, Marcos Sanchez , Lindsay Collette Photography

    sexy wedding pictures tempting shot with veil-lindsaymaddenphotography

    sexy wedding pictures tempting boudoir marcos sanchez

    sexy wedding pictures sexy silhouette lindsay collette photography

    Boudoir Couple

    Source:Neusse Photography, Elizabeth Messina Photography, 2gonul

    sexy wedding pictures couple boudoir neussephotography

    sexy wedding pictures couple in bed elizabethmessina

    sexy wedding pictures hot pictures for your wedding night 2gonul

    Bride Getting Ready Sexy Photos

    Source:Wedding Photographers in ITALY, Hello Gorgeous Photography, Hello Gorgeous Photography

    sexy wedding pictures bride user veil bottega53

    sexy wedding pictures wedding boudoir shots hellogorgeousphotography

    sexy wedding pictures bride with veil hellogorgeousphotography

    So much thought goes into the wedding photo album; the venue, the ring, the dress, the wedding party, and so much more. However, there are a few scenes that you may prefer to leave out of the family album. Sexy wedding pictures are a tremendously fun way to add a little spice to memories that will last a lifetime.

    This sexy lists of wedding pictures are great examples of a ‘for his eyes only’ photo series.

    Passionate Couple Photo Ideas

    Source: bmeck7817 via Intsagram, Joy Chen Photography, lindsay_dawn_photography via Instagram

    sexy wedding pictures near the wall passionate hug bmeck7817

    sexy wedding pictures tempting kiss with garter showing joyphoto

    sexy wedding pictures passionate kiss with garter showing lindsay dawn photography

    Tempting Bride Only

    Source: photographierer via Instagram, blairesstyle via Instagram, mariekaseste via Instagram

    sexy wedding pictures sexy bride wearing just the veilp hotographierer

    sexy wedding pictures tempting lying bride blairesstyle

    sexy wedding pictures sexy nude bride wearing-lingerie and veil only mariekaseste

    Passionate Hint In Each Move

    Source: maren_katharina_photography via Instagram, saidmhamadphotography via Instagram, laurennicolephoto_ via Instagram

    sexy wedding pictures tempting kiss first night maren katharina photography

    sexy wedding pictures bride showing the garter saidmhamadphotography

    sexy wedding pictures tempting wedding kiss on the bed laurennicolephoto

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